A Eureka Moment

A Eureka Moment…

A Eureka moment

I can’t recall the last time I had a eureka moment. Well, this morning I can confirm I had one. Oh, what joy! You go around in life wondering what you are doing next and now I know. Whether I like my answer or not, it came and so I am going to give it a go.

I have been thinking what am I am going to do in my new life… but I am unsure and just going with the flow and trusting I will find my feet.  I am hoping that the new ideas that I have, at least one of them will stick. Today I am hoping I have the answer, (well at least for now).

The book that I have been working on, but also not working on.. whoops! I feel I have been given the right direction and now I feel totally sure of the title, I say confidently at last.  The image hasn’t been settled on. I can confirm the title is going to be Don’t Let My Dandelion Die…

Don’t Let My Dandelion Die

It’s such a relief, I was avoiding the whole book thing but now I know that it must be completed whether I like it or not. My eureka moment came this morning when I realised all I want to do is write. I haven’t been making the time, as I have been distracted by paid work and helping others. What I really need to do right now is to help myself and focus on doing what I had previously planned; which is preparing myself to pitch my book idea next week. So with a week to go I am going to get back on track and putting my heart and soul into this project.

The other idea that came to me today was what is my purpose in life onwards? I know I want to help others, but I wasn’t sure how to. Now I have decided I want to Coach people to help people reach their dreams and do what they love. It’s important to follow your own dreams and not the dreams of others or maybe you don’t know what your dreams are. Well,  I think deep down we all have a dream or two inside us and I would like to help bring that dream out into reality.

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Ps. If you are wondering about the pitch well it didn’t turn quite as expected…

Ps. Well watch this space and see if magic happens!

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