Chakra Light Collection

Chakra Light Collection 

A combination of various styles of bracelets made from clear quartz, with the following Chakra colours:

Using the powerful Master Stone, Clear Quartz, to amplify our intentions.

Base Chakra -  Red - physical needs and basic human survival. This chakra reflects the level we feel connected to the earth or grounded in our lives. 

Sacral Chakra - Orange - Sexuality, pleasure in our lives. The seat of our creativity.

Solar Plexus - Yellow - The power of being an individual, to be unique and our connection with humanity. 

Heart Chakra - Green - This is about unconditional love, forgiveness & compassion. Our ability to express love. 

Throat Chakra - Blue - Communication and self-expression.

Crown & Third Eye - Purple - Spiritual and one of the psychic centres that can be developed through meditation. 

These come in two bead sizes 8mm and 12mm. 

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