Mount Agung Collection

Mount Agung Collection

I have meditated with a mantra for many years using a Mala necklace I bought in Nepal, made from turquoise stones that are very commonplace in Nepal. 

Whilst living in Bali, I discovered my love of Lava stones and I become hooked on making my own. I usually avoid the colour black, but these perfectly imperfect black porous stones captivated me with their light texture and I loved the feeling I got from wearing them. I have combined them with a selection of semi-precious stones. Showing the contrast of life, the light and the darkness, we need both to show and experience the richness of life. 

I wanted to create a collection that was uplifting, minimalist, colourful and playful.

Divine Feminine - Moonstone -Crown/Sacral/Third Eye

Divine Me Mala - Amethyst - Crown Chakra

Express Me Mala - Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Lapiz Lazuli - Throat Chakra 

Angel Mala -  Angelite stones - Throat Chakra 

Love Me Mala - Rose Quartz or Jade - Heart Chakra

Abundant Me Mala - Citrine - Solar Plexus

Calm & Centre Me - Tigers Eye - Base, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus

Creative me Mala  - Orange Jasper - Sacral Chakra

Ground Me Mala - Onyx, Hematite or Black Tourmaline -  Root Chakra 



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