I am Alice Sounds

Sound and Alice, in the 1990's she became a Bass Player in a semi-successful Indie Band, called The Auteurs alongside her then-boyfriend. Early on they toured with Brit Pop band Suede, David Gray, and The The, making 4 albums during their career and touring the world.

Since 2017 she’s been living in Bali, Indonesia and has come full circle back to music, retraining in sound healing, playing harmonium, singing mantras, and working with voice and frequencies. She found a new home in Bali, after travelling to various countries and she never left.

Alice has completed various courses and immersions relating to sound. The most recent is The Sound of the Sacred Feminine with Michele Averard and Charli  in Ubud, where she was able to delve deeper into toning and connection to the power of the voice. 

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