Love Mala’s

Love Mala’s

Love Mala's

Love Mala’s: I started making Mala’s this year to encourage people to meditate more. A Mala serves as a reminder to meditate and there are 108 beads on a Mala, a guru bead and a tassel. All you need to do is to repeat your mantra in your head  108 times, easy!

Even if you don’t say a chant, wearing these Mala’s made from from lava stones, could help to destress you. Lava stones are known for their healing qualities and used in Hot Stone Massage. They are porous stones and know to be grounding, protecting and alleviate negative energy that we pick up in our daily lives. You don’t even need to believe, just enjoy wearing the beautiful Mala’s and see how you feel for yourself? They come in a variety of colours, yellow, purple, shades of blue, pink, black, brown. They are attractive and feel smooth and have a reassuring to touch, the are all hand knotted and they have all have been blessed in Bali by a local Balian healer.

If you would like to buy a Mala before the website is set up you can email the design you wish to purchase and pay through this page.

You can view the Mala Mantra Maker booklet here and choose your favourite

Love Mala's at Mala Mantra Maker
Mala Mantra Maker, Bringing the magical energy of Bali into your life, with beautiful mala necklaces

Choice from the following Mala’s:

There are 3 designs: Mount Agung I, Mount Agung 2, and Rainbow Mala.

The Choice of Mala’s are below, there are currently 12 to choose from: You can choose a Mala in relation to what area of your life you are currently working on or choose the colour that resonates with you at this time, or the Chakra you may want to enhance.
01. The Divine Mala Purple: Amethyst, Spiritual (Crown Chakra)
02. Angel Mala  Pale blue/white: Angelite, aids connection with Angels Angel Mala ( Throat, Third-Eye, and Crown Chakra)
03. Love me Mala  Pink: Rose quartz, with either light grey or bright
pink thread.
04. Heal My Heart Mala   Green: Jade/ Green Turquoise (Heart chakra)
05. Lucky Me Mala  Aventurine (Heart chakra)
06. Express Myself Mala  Blue: Aquamarine, Lapis lazuli, Blue Agate, Blue Chalcedony Communication & Expression, (Throat chakra)
07. Confident Me Mala Brown: Gold Obsidian, Self-esteem
(Base & Solar plexus chakra) (Image not shown)
08. Abundant Me Mala Yellow: Citrine, Abundance
(Solar plexus chakra) (Image not shown)
09. Creative Me Mala Orange Red Jasper, Creativity (Sacral chakra)
10. Ground Me Mala Red/black : (Root chakra), Black Onyx, Hematite (silver)
11. Balance Me Mala – The Rainbow Mala – a mixture of stones,
(Rose quartz, Lapiz Lazuli, Amethyst, Clear quartz, Angelite, Jasper)
12. Grace and Courage Mala  Brown: Tiger’s eye (Sacral & Solar
Plexus chakra’s – (Image not shown in booklet, image can be sent)
The cost of a Mala is £44.00 this includes postage.
All the Mala’s are hand knotted so the stones stay in place, they all have a
silver plated buddha and a tassel. The lava stones are pourous stones, that
are imperfectly, perfect. They are light weight but feel smooth and
comforting to touch. 

For more information join us:  i: @malamantramaker f: @malamantramaker

You can email me for any enquires or orders:

To celebrate the power of meditation & mantra we giveaway
a Mala every month. Made from volcanic lava stones to
enhance feelings of well-being and the stones are known
for their stress relieving and healing properties.  Join here to in to win a Mala

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