Mala Mantra Maker Giveaway

Mala Mantra Maker Giveaway 

Join me here for my monthly Mala Mantra Maker Giveaway… Every month starting on 10th April 2018

Mala Mantra Maker

Whilst living in Bali in 2017, the idea came to me to start making Mala’s.  Meditating with a Mala and using a Mantra had helped me through some very difficult times and I wanted to share this with other people. I discovered the powerful energy of Lava stones and decided to make them with this beautiful, black imperfect beads that are created from the lava from volcanoes. I had been living in Bali when Mount Agung has signalled that it was about to erupt and felt the anxiety and stress of everyone living there.

I want to encourage people to meditate for 10 -15 minutes a day in order to connect within, as this daily act is the most important habit you can do for yourself.   By using a Mala or even just by wearing a Mala,  it can be a reminder to go within and a connection with wearing the lava stones is known to bring about stress relief, as the stones bring a  grounding and a connection with the earth’s healing energy.

I wanted to give a little bit of peace and love to the world every month, so for the next 12 months I will giveaway a  Mala a Month  join me and you could be a lucky winner! The First Mala giveaway will be on 10th April 2018 and every month from the 10th onwards…

What is a Mala Necklace?

A Mala is a group of 108 beads on a string, they traditionally have a guru bead,  a tassel and used for meditation and reciting a mantra. Mala’s are used as a tool to focus the mind during meditation or to chant 108 times a Mantra.

Why Mala’s?

We are going through a huge transition on many levels, personally, locally and globally. We never know how we will deal with the challenges in our lives, sometimes we make the change, other times changes times they are forced upon us. One thing I know is that resisting change is pointless but being supported and having a positive approach to the changes in our lives is must have. We need to trust and accept the changes and hopefully embrace it and allow it to happen naturally. We all fear change on so many levels, and if we don’t, we can easily find a reason to fear something in our life. So by using a Mala and a Mantra you can connect with your own innate strength and inner power.  I hope these beads with help relieve you from some of the stresses and strains of life.

Bringing the magical energy of Bali into your life, with beautiful Mala necklaces

Why use a Mantra?

During a period of rapid change and turmoil, I turned to my mantra to give me the support and strength to get through this time. It really helped me focus and come through the most difficult time of my life. I know without it I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now.  You can listen to this soothing OM Mantra  OM Chanting @417 Hz | Removes All Negative Blocks.

If you would like me to find a mantra for you please email me some details of why you would like a mantra and I can meditate and find one to suit you. Email me:

What are Lava Stones?

Lava stones are made from the volcanic lava and come deep within the earth’s core. Lava stones are known for their strong protective and healing energy.  Known to help to calm and relax the wearer of the stones, so perfect for stress relief in our increasingly busy lives. The stone helps ground and support you and help in balancing the root chakra. Perfect for helping with encouraging good mental health and alleviating depression.

My Gift to you,  an opportunity to win a Mala every month?

Mantra Mala Maker will giveaway a Mala every month for the next year,  so you too can feel the magical energy of Bali.  I wish you to feel more empowered,  more connected to your inner self and less stressed.  So I encourage you to meditate and just be with your Mala, feeling a deep connection to the energy of nature and recite a mantra. All the Mala’s are blessed by a local Balian healer.

The range comes in various styles and named after the Mount Agung, the volcano that became active last year (2017)  in Bali. There are 3 designs so far,  Mount Agung design I, design II, and the Rainbow Mala.

For more information or if you wish to purchase a Mala please contact me on – my shop will be open online soon!
For more information visit the website:

Travel with Alice Mala Mantra Maker
Mala’s Collection is called Mount Agung the photograph shows design II. Black Onyx & Hematite – Ground Me Mala, Blue’s – Express Me Mala, Purple – Amethyst – Divine Mala, Green – Aventurine – Lucky Me Mala

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