Bio Resonance Scan Option 1

Bio Resonance Scan Option 1

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Bio Resonance Scan Option 1

Aura Reading and explanation what comes up for you.

Bio Resonance reading - bringing up top 5 programs for you. Running 3-5 programs as required, that comes up in your reading. 

To see what program you require a scan is run across all fo the following frequencies and the Top 5 Frequency programs for you are discovered. 

  • Gold 
  • Pain/Psyche
  • Learning 
  • Fitness
  • Job
  • Sleep
  • Beauty
  • Skin
  • Mental balance
  • Bio-energetic 1
  • Bio-energetic 2 
  • Meridian 1
  • Meridian 2 
  • Chakra program
  • Protection 
  • Deep cycle

Consult the program booklet for the breakdown of each program.

Running ONE of the following programs of your choice:

  • Bach Flower remedies (39)
  • Bush Flower remedy (68)
  • Amino Acids (76)
  • Materia Medica ( 42)
  • Schuessler Salts (27)
  • Alaskian Gem Elixirs (48)
  • I Ching (64)
  • NEW Digital Nutrition Mixtures

Finishing the session with a Second Aura Scan.

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Please provide: a photo of yourself, Date of Birth, Place and Country of Birth, Current Country you are living in and if you wish to explain any particular health issues.

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