Lucky Me Mala (Green, Aventurine)

Lucky Me Mala (Green, Aventurine)

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Lucky Me Mala

Lucky Me Mala is made from aventurine, a semi-precious stone and helps to bring in your natural luck that we are all capable of creating. Set your intention and follow your passion and dreams, call in the luck you require or just feel lucky. We all know we are lucky, let's focus on creating luck in our lives through our positive intentions.  Each day you could write 3 positive things that have happened to you during your day or 3 things you are grateful for. This aligns to bring in more positives in your life, as that is what you are focusing on. By being grateful, we feel good and feel like extending small acts of kindness into your lives.  

By wearing this Mala it will remind to call in the luck you would like to bring into your life. Explore new possibilities in your life and ask for the luck of the gods.

About the Malas 

All the Mala’s at @malamantramaker are made with lava stones and semi-precious stones.  They are hand knotted and therefore vary in length as some are knotted tighter than others.

Approx sizes: 38-42cm

The lava stones are porous stones and are imperfectly perfect just like our lives. Lava stones are made from powerful volcanic rock from deep within the earth. They are known for their natural stress relief, so they are good for relieving anxiety and depression; helping to reduce negativity and anger thereby increasing your energy levels and bringing about harmony. Lava stones ground, stabilise and protect you.


Choosing a Mala

Choose intuitively the colour that resonates with you. You can combine a mantra with your meditation practice, or enjoy wearing the beads and hold them and breathe in and out, relaxing and calming the mind or bringing in your positive intentions.

All Malas come in a small linen bag.