When your life becomes a lie...I Am Alice, Break Up, Breakdown, Breakthrough

A Voyage of Self-Discovery, I have always believed everyone has a purpose and that it’s a matter of finding it. 

I am Alice: Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough, A True Adventure Story (p. 187).

by Alice Readman

Travel with Alice Publications.

Kindle Edition


Imagine tomorrow your life will suddenly change. There is no going back to your previous life. Nothing will return to normal. You are hanging by a thin transparent thread and drifting into other dimensions. Your heartbeat will increase, your anxiety will rocket, you will feel mentally confused and stressed, but within you is a powerful driving force to overcome any obstacle and you are determined to find the truth. 
One thing you know in your heart is that somehow you will be able to manage this experience and whatever appears along the way. Alice is told by spirit that there is a gift in her experience and in time she will find and receive the gift; but for now she has to manage her life the best way she can.

Alice was given the advice to writte everything down, so she didn't forget it and it would become her evidence. She started writing  and didn't stop. It took her on an adventure of self-discovery and saved her.

This happened in 2014, and changed the direction of her life. Through the transformation she created a whole new life, living in Bali, Indonesia. 
Have you ever had a life changing experience ? Did it take you to a whole new reality on every level?
When your life becomes a lie...

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