I am Alice Jewels

I Am Alice Jewels, illuminate more Joy in my Life

I Am Alice Jewels, illuminate more joy in my life Solid silver talismans by I Am Alice Jewels, inspired by her book I Am Alice

I Am Alice Jewels, is a boutique collection of talisman bracelets, crystal bracelets and Mala necklaces inspired by my experience in my book and living in Bali for the last six years.  You can view the full collection online, 

Now selling in Shops, retreat centres, Spa's, and Sound Healing Centres in Bali. 

Crystal Mala Necklaces & Mantra are intrinsically linked

What is a Mala necklace? 

It is made of 108 beads to count a Mantra.  A Mantra is a phase that energetically created an energy within you when you chant, or sing it. Singng a mantra became a part of my daily life backing 2009 and I felt inspired to create necklaces that I would love to use and give to others to encourage mantra singing and chanting.
I love the energy of crystals and the texture of lava stones and so I started to make some jewellery that inspired me.  Lava stones are known for their healing and grounding qualities, bringing a sense of calm and general well being.