I am Alice Jewels & Sounds

I am Alice Sounds 

It all started with a Mantra, I have been singing mantra for many years now. It feels me with joy and I have found it a powerful tool for life, especially whilst going through periods of change.  It is a form of Meditation, saying the mantra out loud or in your mind. 

What does Mantra mean  (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.  I prefer Sanskrit Mantra's but you can have a mantra in any language. Just remember to use it and repeat it often, you can sit silently, connect with a group or sing it as you go about your normal day to day activities.

Many people use a Mala Necklace to count their mantra, so I started to make them. 

Mala & Mantra are intrinsically linked.

What is a Mala necklace? 

It is made of 108 beads to count a Mantra.  A Mantra is a phase that energetically created an energy within you when you chant, or sing it.

Mantra became a part of my daily life backing 2009 and I felt inspired to create necklaces that I would love to use and give to others to encourage mantra singing and chanting.

I love the energy of crystals and the texture of lava stones and so I started to make some jewellery that inspired me.  Lava stones are known for their healing and grounding qualities, bringing a sense of calm and general well being.

Maker of Sound, Frequencies & Vibrations

Over the past 5 years I have been exploring sound therapy.  The gong, metal and crystal bowls, tuning forks, the voice, and most recently the harmonium.

Music is made up of many components to bring about harmony and rebalance the body,  mind and soul. 

Music creates a frequency and recently I have been working with a bio-resonance frequency device called Healy.