Linda Grace introduces the Worldwide Grid of the Temples of Golden Light

Linda Grace has channelled well over 200 Temples of Golden Light that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth over sacred sites, leylines, cities, towns, mountains, oceans and peaceful places all around the world.


You can watch the I Am Alice Podcast featuring Linda Grace

The Temples of Golden Light are places of Peace, Calm, Harmony and Relaxation for Meditation, Healing, Clarity Focus, Inspiration, Abundance in all ways, the temples help you to love yourself, with compassion and forgiveness for others. They are the Temples of golden Light of the New Age beginning at the fifth dimension moving higher up.
All of the Temples of Golden Light are surrounded by Rainbow Angels, and the whole of the Angelic Realm over lite by 2 new Archangels to our planet, Archangel Metaziel and twin flame Archangel Honriel, they connect to all Ascended Masters of Love and Light and all Gods/Goddesses of Love and Light.
Linda has written a book called The Temples of Golden Light and she has also produced Temples of Golden Light Oracle Cards.
Linda is the Founder and Ambassador for well over 200 Temples of Golden Light that surround the world in the etheric of Mother Earth, the temples are here to help humanity and Mother Earth herself with healing of your emotional, physical and mental bodies.  To help you in your daily life to gain peace, and calm, to help you create abundance, and clarity in all ways in all that you.
To find out more about the work Linda does visit:
YouTube: of golden Light
Linda is on YouTube most Sunday mornings 10am UK time.
She does a global meditation for all. 
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