Talking to Julia Cartwright about Discernment using our Gut and Heart

I talk again to Julia Cartwright about navigating these times of change. 

Julia Cartwright continues talking about how we navigate these times of change personally and globally. How we can support ourselves and we will be doing a series of short videos that will accompany Julia's book 10 Valuable Virtues in a Volatile World coming out in a few months. Summarised podcast - Introduction to the I am Alice podcast, focusing on connection, creativity, and finding clarity in an ever-changing world.

 Discussion between Alice Readman and Julia Cartwright about discernment as a crucial aspect in navigating volatile times.

- Importance of recalibrating internal navigational tools, emphasising reliance on gut and heart instincts rather than just intellect.

- Cleansing and detoxifying the body to enhance discernment, focusing on maintaining a healthy gut flora.

- Need for regular pauses and introspection to assess one's current position and direction in the midst of societal transitions.

- Being discerning about external influences, including mainstream media and social media, to maintain clarity of mind.

- Emphasis on listening to and honouring one's own feelings as a key aspect of discernment, especially during times of grief and emotional upheaval.

- Discussion on the process of purification and the positive aspects of volatility in facilitating personal and collective transformation.

- Importance of being rooted and grounded, connecting with nature as a source of wisdom and stability during turbulent times.

- Transitioning from "playing out" old wounds to engaging in creative play to envision and manifest a positive future.

- Announcement of upcoming five-minute videos to provide practical tools and teachings for navigating change and uncertainty.

You can contact Julia through her email only, as she is not on social media.

You can watch on YouTube

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