Learning to Speak up and Share our Personal message

In the last few months I've been a guest on some podcasts. I have started to share my book and my personal experiences in life. It's quite nerve wrecking at first as you have no idea what questions they will ask you, and so taking the time to relax and breath before being interviewed is key. Using the breath to control our nervous system can put your whole body and mind at ease.  Once I start chatting, and feel the connection to the interviewer, it all seems to flow. It's a serious topic, mental health, and our general well being, but I get to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously, it's always a bit weird seeing yoursel being intereviewed!

Life is for living, and finding a little joy, beauty or fun in each
day is so important.

I've been totally suprised by the lovely people I have been interviewed by and at times although a little challenging, it's allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and start sharing my message, and I hope in doing so I can support others. It's been a diverse mixture of people I have connected to from all over the world. Life is full of surprises and I was shocked how much I actually enjoyed connecting with all these different people from all walks of life and from the USA, India, UK, and Thailand.

We really are such a smaller planet, something I couldn't of imagined when I was growing up.  Through social media and video zoom chats we can be connected directly with souls from anywhere now! 

If you are interested in my I Am Alice Podcast, I talk about Connection, Creativity and how we find clarity in this everchanging world we live in. 

Here's a short clip How to overcome fear and doubt? from Healthy Mind, Healthy Body by 

See the full podcast here:

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Podcast 

Other podcasts if you are interested in finding out more about me, my book and the work that I do. 

Living the dream with DJ Curveball 

The Threads of Enlightenment Podcast with Ken Primus 

 The Revelation Podcast with Sean Craemer






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