Memories of our Loved One’s

How to honour the one’s we have loved and lost.

This week I found out a beautiful friend who had probably supported me these last 10 years. He was there for me when I am had my spiritual awakening and subsequent mental breakdown. He was there for me when events propelled my life into chaos. He supported me through the dark times along with his wife. Without them I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am eternally grateful for their kindness, their support and unconditional love. It’s a rare thing.


This is a letter he wrote to me when I ended up getting sectioned in a psychiatric ward, where again he supported me as he knew I shouldn’t be in there. He knew the truth that I was suffering from grief.  Words can be so powerful, for helping others and hurting others. I re-read this letter many times and it gave me strength and hope that I would recover and get out of the ward I was sectioned in.

The whole story is in my book I Am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough.

He will forever live on in my heart.  Thank you my friend for being the special man that you will always be for me and people who knew you. Your kindness and love will always be remembered. Your spirit lives on in us all.  🤍

The power of writing a letter to someone to support them or writing a letter of gratitude can be a powerful experiences for both forgiveness and gratitude. You don’t need to send it, you can burn it and let go of the emotions attached to them and yourself. 

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