I AM - Quan Yin Buddha in Lotus flower Bracelet

I AM - Quan Yin Buddha in Lotus flower Bracelet

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I AM/ Quan Yin Lotus Flower Bracelet

Sterling Silver Talisman Bracelet 

Illuminate more joy in your life. 

 I Am / Quan yin Lotus Flower Bracelet, Sterling Silver, I am Alice jewels

I AM... Is a reminder of who we are in essence. We aren't just a body we are a multi-dimensional being having a human experience. 

I AM, I AM, I AM Empower yourself. 

Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and the physical embodiment of compassion. 

The guru within is teaching us through our human experiences and showing us to go inside and listen. 

Be who you want to be, follow your dreams, and live your best life!

Harness the power of I AM.

I Am Alice Jewels, Quan yin lotus flower I AM type on this side on silver

The Bracelet had I AM on one side and Quan Yin on the other side the solid silver talisman. Two clear quartz crystals are used on this bracelet.


A perfect gift to inspire friends and family and to show them you care.