Why I wrote the book I Am Alice

Why I wrote the book?

i am alice book by alice readman

For people going through change, we all have unique lives, but our experiences are universal. I felt very isolated going through my complex trauma and spiritual emergency. I wrote about my experiences to help me understand what I was going through and now I want to help support others. Who is it for? Anyone who wants to read about a transformational adventure story from one life to another. Anyone who enjoys reading about life stories. Anyone who has gone through trauma or spiritual awakening, or a life-changing experience. Anyone who is interested in someone’s unique experience.

Why now?

There are massive changes going on at a global scale, and collectively we have gone through so much change since 2020. Human connection is key to recovering and coping with our traumatic experiences and life-changing experiences.

Does the book reflect how you feel now?

Absolutely not, the book is very much about taking you on the adventure of what happened in my life at the time. The book is written as I experienced it and felt at the time. It does not reflect what I feel about my experience now. I now realise I had to completely change my life as I knew it then and this experience was a way of pushing me into a new life, the life I was meant to live. Sometimes in life, you need to lose everything and go through a dark night of the soul. The process is like an adventure or quest to get through to the other side, no matter how. It’s a survival mechanism, the soul is so powerful and determined to survive. It's a powerful story of resilience and personal empowerment. I can now say I am happy my life changed, but I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering my family and friends had to experience due to my circumstances.


Why did you write this deeply personal memoir?

We all have a unique journey in life but many of our experiences are universal. I hope that sharing what happened to me it will serve to connect others who have similar experiences. When we share our stories we can help to remove shame, isolation and depression that is common when going through trauma and/ or spiritual awakening. Why release the book now? Now more than ever before I feel we be going through massive transformation and shifts in consciousness, these themes are outlined in the book. What will the reader learn or experience from reading the book?

Hopefully, a sense that when our life turns upside down, there’s a greater meaning and service in changing our life direction. Often we don’t understand at the time, but maybe in time we are able to look back and see it how it all makes sense.

Do you have a story you would like to share?

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