Coaching & Book Mentorship

Coaching & Book Mentorship

Are you looking for support and guidance in completing and publishing your book or upcoming project?

Or maybe you are looking for a Coach to support you through some changes in your life.

Through my life changing experience in 2014, I discovered a range of tools that have supported me through navigating my life and I wish to support others going through transition. 

Get in touch if you would like know how I can support you, 

Book an intro call and see if we are a match.  You can book a 20 minute intro call contact me on the link below.

Finding Clarity through Creativity & Connection. How we develop our confidence and courage to do what we love. Being imperfectly perfect, we are good enough just as we are. I am here to help you navigate change in your life.


I recently published through amazon my first book I am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough and learnt so much in my research to put my book out through Amazon. It launched at number one, in the following five categories. 

#1 Biographies & Memoirs of Women

#1 Women’s Personal Spiritual growth 

#1 Inspirational Personal Testimonies 

#1 Survival Biographies and memoirs

#1 Personal Transformation and Spirituality 

#2 Spiritual Growth

I would like support others create the same. I have contacts in the following areas:  editing, graphic design and marketing.  Maybe you would like to employ a ghostwriter, you don't have to write it yourself, I have contacts here too! 

Let's first connect on a call and see how best I can support you. 

Alternatively, if you would like be to your coach whilst you go through changes in your life, I am here to support you.

You can book a 20 minute intro call contact me on the link below.