I am Alice ebook

I am Alice ebook

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An inspiring memoir meets adventure novel about Alice Readman, whose world crumbles and life takes an unexpected turn when she decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure!

Driven by a need to find the truth and recover from the pain of losing her family, she unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, including a new life in Bali.

Follow her journey of transformation as she overcomes adversity, finds new purpose, and rediscovers the joys of living in this captivating tale of resilience and hope.

Order your copy now and join Alice's adventure, healing process, and journey to self-discovery in this raw all-too-real true life story!

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What others say:

“A Riveting Read! Real, authentic and raw. Thank you, Alice, for sharing your powerful life story so beautifully and how one event can spiral into a sequence of events, bringing us on a heroine’s journey to find the resources and a way through, into a deeper understanding, healing and eventually awakening to a new way of being!” - Ciara McArdle, Trauma Specialist & Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

I Am Alice is not just a story about our societal approach to emotions and behaviours, and systemic beliefs about what we label mental health, but also the resilience of our inner knowing, acting as a compass for our true north." - Julia Cartwright, author of the Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit

"We all hear the phrase ” I couldn't put the book down”; this is one of those. It is a story of Alice surviving an extraordinary sudden trauma and all its consequences. These events push her to a different more unusual healing path. The story remains upbeat even if the storyline is harrowing at times. It serves as a reminder how we all have a breaking point and we all can survive and even possibly find an improved life." - Anna Liisa Lewis

"Unputdownable! I dove in and was utterly transported. Fascinating what life 'gifts' us to awaken to our heart, our higher calling. The universe is beneficent, this is an invitation to open yourself up to the signs, the subtle whispers of your soul. I finished your book last night, and I loved it, I truly did. Just the language, was so easy to read and it transported me. Life is just like fiction." - Diane Hefferman

"What an incredible story! I could not put it down. It made me laugh and cry, Alice is incredibly inspiring." Cleo Ibberson

 Very insightful journey Thank you Alice for sharing your experiences in trauma and how you progressed through your recovery process. I feel Bali is my place too. I have enjoyed reading your book. Very well written.  5.0 out of 5 stars  Reviewed in Australia 🇦🇺 on June 18, 2023