I am Alice Sounds

Sound Healing and Mantra Singing with Harmonium

During my time in Bali, I explored lots of modalities to help me rebuild myself, after a period of trauma and rapid life changes five years back. One modality that I loved and found very useful was sound therapy.

From the experience of receiving sound healing at the Pyramids of Chi to listening to singing my heart out in Kirtan concerts. I always knew how powerful sound and singing mantra was for me personally. Singing a mantra had helped me through many difficult times. 

 It Began with Mantra 

It all started with a Mantra, I have been singing mantra for many years now. It feels me with joy and I have found it a powerful tool for life, especially whilst going through periods of change.  It is a form of Meditation, saying the mantra out loud or in your mind. 

What does Mantra mean  (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.  I prefer Sanskrit Mantra's but you can have a mantra in any language. Just remember to use it and repeat it often, you can sit silently, connect with a group or sing it as you go about your normal day to day activities. Many people use a Mala Necklace to count their mantra, so I started to make them. 

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Working with Balinese Singing Bowls 

I had been looking for a sound therapy course, and a complete stranger  I came one day recommended Bali Light Spirit. It's run by Patrizious Suppan, a psychologist who had turned to sound therapy due to seeing the powerful experiences and outcomes from his clients.

This year I took his course Sound Treatment & 2 and I am now using his sound therapy to give sessions.  I bought the singing bowls from Patrizious who in Bali, by a local Balinese man and they are all blessed by a local Priest.  There are three bowls varying in size, one for the heart, which I was blown away by the sound and resonance from the bowls and hearing the sound I knew the bowls set was for me. As a way of connecting to my singing bowls, I play them daily on myself, and I have felt so much harmony in my life from hearing them regularly and feeling the vibrations body.  Our bodies are made of 70 water so my body feels the vibrations and they bring my body into balance. All I have to do is listen and play them on different areas of my body.

Why a Sound Therapy Session?

We are vibrational beings, healing occurs through the effect of the appropriate application of an intentional sound, or Sound has been used as a healing catalyst throughout human history, across cultures: nomadic shamans, Tibetan Lama's, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, African or Jewish Priest.  Sound has been known to carry us closer to that which we hold as sacred, and to that, we view as a whole.  "To be whole" is the very meaning of "healing".

Sacred singing, mantras and chant, toning (sounding one's emotions or improvised sounds expressing emotions), Sacred Sound (touching the deeper consciousness waiting to be found and expressed).  Shamanic drumming, music therapy, the use of clear intention, communication, and mindfulness, all have a growing body of scientific foundation as to their use in the healing continuum of body, mind and spirit. from Patrizius Suppan/Psychologist/ Vibrational Psychology  2019)

Proven clinical effects of a Sound Treatment 

* Reduced blood pressure

* Reduced heart and respiration rates

* Reduced depression

* Reduced Migraines

* Reduced Pain

* Increased Oxygen intake

* Increased sleep for people suffering from a sleep disorder

* 25% Decreased in cortisol levels (Stress levels)

* Increased cell activity

* Increased brain functioning through spatial IQ

* Higher of recovering from illness and diseases like Cancer

* Increased weight gain in premature babies 


Certificate in Sound Treatment 1 & 2  with the College of Vibrational Medicine and Sound Therapy

www.lightspiritbali.com | Mag. Patrizius  W Suppan | Psychologist 

Other Courses and Qualifications

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