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A Riveting Read!


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Real, authentic and raw. Thank you Alice for sharing your powerful life journey so beautifully and courageously. This book gives such an insight into how trauma can affect us and the impact it can have on our lives, particularly if it is not understood, seen for what it is and given the right supports and space to heal. How one event can spiral into a sequence of events, bringing us on a heroine's journey to find the resources to find the way through, into deeper understanding, healing and eventually awakening to a new way of being!  So much is still misunderstood about trauma, so I know this book will give hope to anyone else who is struggling and the courage to keep going, so that they can find the support and resources inside and around themselves to heal, so that they can live the life that they truly deserve.   Ciara Mc Ardle Trauma Specialist, TRE provider, PsychoSpiritual Mentor & Therapist

"We all hear these the phrase ” I couldn't put the book down”; this is one of those. It is a story of Alice surviving extraordinary sudden trauma and all its consequences. These events push her to a different more unusual healing path. The story remains upbeat even if the storyline is harrowing at times. It serves as a reminder how we all have a breaking point and we all can survive and even possibly find an improved life." Anna Lissa, London, UK 

 "Unputdownable! I drove in and was utterly transported. Fascinating what life 'gifts' us to awaken to our heart, our higher calling. The universe is beneficent, this is an invitation to open yourself up to the signs, the subtle whispers of your soul. I finished your book last night, and I loved it, I truly did. Just the language, it was so easy to read and it transported me. Life is just like fiction. " Diane, Bali, Indonesia 

Everyone should read this candid and thought provoking account of three very real and personal experiences that actually happened to one person. Each of these individual events would be challenging for anyone, but when combined are the stuff of nightmares. Alice takes us through her thoughts, actions and reactions to unexpected life changing situations that we all think will never happen to us, prompting the reader to ask 'what would I do if any of this happened to me?' Laura Kennedy, United Kingdom 

I am flabbergasted and gobsmacked that the human spirit can survive such personal trauma and then go on to flourish and thrive - as Alice has done.For anyone who has had any experience of trauma, be it first hand or second hand, her story is a shining beacon of survival, resilience and the art of creating a new and vibrant future. A memoir like no other. A ‘must read’ for all!  Bobbie, Sydney, Australia

"What an incredible story! I could not put it down. It made me laugh and cry, Alice is incredibly inspiring". Cleo Ibberson, London, UK 

Wow. I devoured this book in one week-end. Very impressive, for sure all these adventures had to be shared. An unbelievable & intense ride, with a lot of wisdom. Highly recommended & supporting. Amelie Macon, France

A very insightful read that I’m sure many people can relate to about events in their life that they are not comfortable to speak about openly.  Alice puts all her cards on the table and describes her journey through very difficult and trying times with grace, dignity and makes what may seem an unrealistic story and series of events very realistic. And unfortunately her story, maybe a shared story for many out there, but might be the catalyst for some and give them the courage and strength to regroup and rebuild their own lives. Make the most of an abnormal experience that life can throw at us at times.  David, Australia 

Recent research and leaders in the field of trauma informed care have highlighted that the prevalence of trauma is widespread. This important growing knowledge base uncovers how it affects people and how systems often further exacerbate and retraumatise an individual. Alice’s account in “I am Alice” illuminates the experience of an individual living through a major traumatic life event and how the failure of systems around her at the time worked against her wellbeing and healing. Her story documents how she carved out a new life that offered adventure and nourishment, and a new home. A great read!  Ann Sharley, South Australia.

What an inspiring true story that we all can learn something from. I am Alice is a true story that tells us we can stand up again and give ourselves a chance to start over, despite the adversities and traumas we encounter in life. To me, one of the most important key takeaways was how much we need our connections with other people and how vital this sense of connection is for us to hold onto life when frightening situations arise. The other protagonists of this book are some of Alice's family members and friends who refused to give up on her and helped her to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all need connection and to feel safe among other people in order to thrive. Thank you Alice, for reminding us this truth. 
Solen Yucel, Istanbul, Turkey

I Am Alice  is a true experience of one woman's journey through multiple challenges through the dark moments of relationship abuse and mental breakdown to creating a new vibrant life, hundreds of times more abundant and fun than she could ever have imagined.  I Am Alice is an unpretentious, easy to read book that will resonate and possibly heal those of us who have witnessed or experienced significant life changing traumas. Ursula, Ireland


Alice’s journey is utterly compelling in the very best way (I simply could not put the book down)  her story is deeply moving and heart opening on so many levels.  I love the mix of characters within the book.  The depths of her experiences from an all encompassing fear state, triggered by deep trauma, loss, pain and grief, and the transformation process back home to herself and acceptance, is beautifully written.  The  bleakness of the systems that are failing so many whom  they are set up to serve in times of crisis - raises many questions.  Thank you for sharing your story dear Alice, I am positive it will support many, many people in times of deep transition.  I hope it can also serve to transform the support systems in place to create more compassionate care to those profoundly in need. Emma Stott, UK

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