Bio Resonance Personalised Scan

Bio Resonance Personalised Scan

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Bio-Resonance Frequency Scan and an additional scan created just for you. 

1. Aura Reading and explanation of what comes up for you. 

2. Running the Meridian 1 & 2 programs 

3. Resonance reading - bringing up the top 5 programs for you.

Running 3-5 programs as required, that come up in your reading. 

To see what program you require a scan is run across all the following frequencies and the Top 5 Programs:

  • Gold Cycle by Nuno Nino
  • Pain/Psyche
  • Learning 
  • Fitness
  • Job
  • Sleep
  • Beauty
  • Skin
  • Mental balance
  • Bio-energetic 1
  • Bio-energetic 2 
  • Meridian 1
  • Meridian 2 
  • Chakra program
  • Protection 
  • Deep cycle

Running ONE of the following programs of your choice:

  • Bach Flower remedies (39)
  • Bush Flower remedy (68)
  • Amino Acids (76)
  • Materia Medica ( 42)
  • Schuessler Salts (27)
  • Alaskian Gem Elixirs (48)
  • I Ching (64)
  • NEW Digital Nutrition Mixtures

Please provide a photo of yourself, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Current Country you are living in and if you wish to explain any particular health issues.

Please email these once you have paid, so I can prepare before the session and the full hour is given to the scanning.

Price: £65


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Please read the contra indications here before booking your session with me:

This is not meant as a health treatment but as a way of providing the frequencies in the scans. Please seek full medical advice from a doctor.

Microcurrent treatment must not be performed when metallic foreign bodies are in the area of treatment, pacemakers or implanted defibrillators are present, bleeding, or if bleeding or embolism are present. Treatments must not be performed on areas of the skin which have been treated with radiotherapeutic have a sensory disorder or if the user has a fever.

  • not for use by pregnant women

  • not for use by those with epilepsy

Consult a medical professional before using if you have any of these contraindications. 

Within the framework of holistic healing approaches, certain interactions (e.g. strengthening of the body's own mechanisms) are possible through frequency application:

  • If amalgam fillings are present in the teeth, the application can lead to a mobilization of heavy metals in the cells of the body --- not directly from the dental fillings themselves --- and thus to a temporary deterioration of the state of health. We therefore recommend that you drink plenty of water in addition to the application and take appropriate measures to support the removal of heavy metals. 

  • If you are taking medication at the same time, we recommend that you have the dose checked by your doctor at least once a month, especially if you are taking the following medications:

    • ​​​blood thinners

    • antidiabetics

    • blood pressure-lowering medication

    • hormones (especially thyroid hormones)

    • beta blockers

Healy and its applications are only suitable for adults.
Too little data is available for the treatment of minors.
Any treatment of minors is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardian or of the attending physician. 

REQUIRED DISCLAIMER:​ Healy is a microcurrent medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. Always use your Healy in accordance with its Instructions for Use.

This website is not a corporate website. It is put together for educational purposes, intended to gather into one place useful and supportive information about the class 2 medical device called Healy.