Abundance and Creativity

Abundance and Creativity 

Do you want to have an abundant life, filled with love, happiness and gratitude?

It all starts with your mindset

Shifting the way you think has a profound effect on every part of your life… from the way you feel, the events in your life that unfold, and the paths that you cross… Deepak Chopra


Abundant Me Mala and Creative Me Mala

We all want to create more abundance in our lives, by finding our creative self we are able to come into alignment with our natural abundant and creative self.

How do we do this? Meditation is key to changing our mindset and our own personal energy field. 

My Abundant Mala is made of beautiful citrine stones and lava beads. Being in an aura of yellow is a feeling of owning our infinite abundance calling it into our lives. We can gently guide in our own personal abundance, removing the old mindset of fear and negative energies around money and self-worth.  So start calling in your natural abundance and turn your back on FEAR. 

Creativity is a wonderful way to delve into your natural gifts that are hiding behind or have been long forgotten. Drawing, painting, writing, doing anything that brings your joy and connects you to your inner creativity; if you are working on this then Creative Me Malas if the one for you,

Using a mantra for me makes using a Mala more powerful and intentional. " I am abundant" or " I am creative". During prayer ask for guidance to lead you to ways of being in touch with your natural abundance and creativity. 

Some of my favourites Sanskrit Mantras are:

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Shanti Om

or a simple OM

In the past I have used this very powerful mantra Om Namah Bagavate Vasudeva was the mantra that gave me great strength to navigate a phase of my life.  

You can find all these mantra on You Tube. Sit back and relax and listen to a mantra. Feel the peace and harmony of the sounds.   







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