What brings you joy?

For me, it's supporting others through bio resonance frequency sessions. It really brings me a lot of happiness, as I love connecting with people, especially in these times of social distancing and also because I live abroad. I can do remote scans and so connect with anyone in the world, that's a pretty big audience. 

I am just getting blown away by the experiences of people who I have been doing Aura scans, they have been having really wonderful breakthroughs. It makes me really excited and happy to be a part of helping someone's else's journey and their path to freedom and abundance.

I did a scan for Lubi the other day, she had been searching for a jobs for months with no luck. Two hours after the scan she was offered an online job teaching Yoga, her first opportunity in her new career that she had been training for the many years. She had shifted from a company based career, (made redundant during COVID) and now was following her dreams of inspiring and supporting others in the area of spirituality. 

An online AURA Reading

Giving Aura scans online, I get to connect and share with people how frequencies can really support your mind, body and spirit. I feel constantly surprised how positive the reactions are, and we are both left feeling connected.

Testimonial By Lubi

Here's what Lubi said about the Online Aura Scan: 

Dear Alice, 

Thank you so much for the informative and enriching aura scan reading. As a sensitive person I am very excited about the accuracy of the analysis. 

What I find very helpful are the tips provided. Imagine, I actually felt the energies in my body that you sent to me for healing. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for a wonderful, energetic and informative session. 



If you would like to book an aura scan or find out more about Bio Resonance and frequencies please get in touch. 

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