Be Inspired by Marian Duven, on I Am Alice Podcast, Episode 6

Marian Duven, a singer, songwriter, musician, shared her transformational story with me on my I Am Alice Podcast on YouTube.

Marian Duven, singer songwriter, Musician

She was diagnosed with a life changing illness where she was potentially going to lose her voice, and ability to work.  To combat this experience she became a "Joy Ambassador" teaching, laughter yoga online and dressing up in sparkly clothes and she took to the streets of Switzerland to make people laugh. It worked, she managed her life changing illness and visited Bali and where she found her voice. 

New release of her single “Dance of the Wounds” on 11.11 on Spotify - follow her artist’s profile to get access to the upcoming songs. She goes under the artist  name of Nakaenu.

Dance of the Wounds is an emotionally charged and introspective song that delves into the complexities of a troubled relationship. With a hauntingly beautiful arrangement featuring a string quartet composed of violin, cello, and guitar, this song weaves a compelling narrative through both its lyrics and melodies. The song begins by exploring the turmoil caused by past experiences, symbolized by earthquakes, which have left emotional scars on both individuals involved. These scars have erected walls between them, rendering them blind to the beauty of their connection that once shone brightly.

The darkness in their hearts compels one to numb themselves while the other seeks solace in the light of someone else. As the song unfolds, a powerful dance metaphor emerges, symbolizing the push and pull, the pain, and the passion within the relationship. Each partner struggles with their own wounds and insecurities, with one dancing away while the other forces their presence. The lyrics convey a sense of shame, suffocation, and a longing to break down the barriers that separate them. The chorus, with its repeated lines, highlights the recurring nature of this painful dance, where they both attempt to hide their emotional wounds from each other. The juxtaposition of pouring one's heart into the other, only to have them dance away again, encapsulates the cycle of their relationship.

The instrumental build-up featuring violin, cello, and guitar adds depth and intensity to the song, mirroring the emotional crescendo of the lyrics. It serves as a bridge to the pivotal moment where the possibility of breaking free from their destructive dance is contemplated. The lyrics ask thought-provoking questions about courage, pain, and rebirth, inviting reflection on the nature of their relationship. In the slow ending, the song takes on a hopeful note, expressing a desire for both individuals to put aside their egos and find safety in each other's embrace.

The ultimate aspiration is to lose themselves in each other, becoming one with the dance they share. "Dance of the Wounds" is a poignant and evocative song that explores the depths of a troubled relationship, combining thought-provoking lyrics with a captivating string quartet arrangement that adds emotional weight and resonance to the narrative.

"It's a musical journey that delves into the complexities of love, pain, and transformation".

If you are interested to contact Marian  she is a Transformational Coach and photographer.  

If you are interested you can book a seesion here or find her music on Spotify or on

Link to my Debut single “I hold myself” available on Spotify 

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