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Q: Daniel Thomas, Superchargers So what led you to the spiritual awakening? 

In 2014, I was married to my husband and we were adopting two children. And we've gone through the two year process of adoption and we've matched with these two beautiful children. We were just about to adopt them and meet them the next day, because you're not allowed to meet them until the day you are in the period of transitioning them to your own home. You spend a week with them before they come to your house. Basically, my husband woke me up and told me he didn't want the children. And he said he didn't want me either.


So it was a very sudden sort of trauma. And the grief of knowing that I wouldn't be bringing up these children, not being a mother, breaking up my divorce, my husband, it was a very shocking event. 


Looking back, I can see that you know, it was the right thing to happen. But at the time it really took me on a very deep journey of grief and pain and trauma. He just woke me up and told me, so I wasn't fully awake at the time, wasn't fully conscious. And then he just left for work basically. He didn't honor me in needing to talk about it and ground me in the realisation that, One minute I'm sleeping and expecting to meet these children. The next minute there's nothing. So, yeah, it was a real intense couple of weeks. And it was during that time that spirit or higher self or guides came in to support me and and also had to support myself. 

I was in a lot of physical pain at night. I was managing during the day. I was like project managing and making sure my family were okay and everything.  Then when it came to nighttime, I sort of went off into this other realm and I felt like I was going to die, which I really wasn't worried about. But basically I connected to spirits and they told me lots of things and I sang a lot of mantra, which really helped me stay in my body because I didn't want to die. You know, I thought I was dying. I was having such... palpitations and such physical reaction, which is shock, you know, and in the body. And I really wanted to stay. 

So I just sang mantra all night long and that kept me in my body until I got up the next day and just did my daytime stuff. But eventually connecting to spirit and living in these sort of two worlds became too much for my family, because obviously I wasn't “being normal”, but actually I was having a normal reaction to a very abnormal situation. I ended up getting sectioned in a NHS psychiatric ward and they injected me with drugs and made me take very strong antipsychotic drugs.  Basically I thought, I shouldn't be here. This isn't for me. But  I wasn't allowed to leave. So I stopped taking the drugs and... I started acting, you know, it's like, no, I've never heard anything from spirit. I got myself out of there after two weeks. They said, oh,  you've had acute stress because you lost the children and I'm not suicidal and I'm not a danger to others. So I was allowed to leave. 

But the whole experience on top of what had already happened to me and then feeling so much isolation and, you know, you know, shame from being locked up and, you know, after two weeks being locked up in a high-rise building in a small room, constantly wanting me to be drugged and me trying to get out of it and putting it in my mouth and taking it out and that kind of thing um you know i was scared to be outside in the real world because i was like, you know, I've just been programmed into two weeks of being locked in and now i don't know how to, I'm scared.

And so, from that, lots of things escalated in my life. And then I had to go through divorce. And obviously, I was having a lot of panic attacks and a lot of physical problems.  I didn't want to reach out to the medical profession because I didn't trust them. And so I went through this experience, with the help of a few friends and family. But yeah, it was a very difficult experience to integrate, you know, And then to think, right, what can I do with my life?  I'm here, I'm going to get better, just some physical stress related issues. So how can I get better and what can I do? And, you know, so I did lots of things to work towards getting better.  

I had this dream as soon as I was well enough, I was going to leave the country and go travelling and see some beautiful things and create a new life for myself. So I was very lucky,  I managed to do that. I think it was about 18 months after the divorce, selling houses and all that rubbish, I went travelling and I met my sister in Nepal and then we went travelling around India. Then eventually I ended up being in Bali, having no idea I was actually gonna stay here. But I came here and then everything kind of fell into place. 


People would ask me,  "oh, do you wanna do some dog sitting?"  And I thought, oh yeah, it'd be nice to hang out with the dog and take it for a little walk. See, I never had a dog. And I thought, oh, yeah, I want to do that. And looking after people's cats. And I was just like, being very gentle with myself and being in a new place and a very gentle place. It's very green and people are really lovely and I met lovely people. And so gradually my life changed and I started following my passions and started, changing my life really.


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