Deconstructing You - Life Unravelled in Five Minutes, Dark Night of the Soul

I was recently interviewed by Elinor Moshe on her podcast Deconstructing You - Life Unravelled in Five Minutes, Dark Night of the Soul


You can listen here on Spotify: Deconstructing YOU

Alice Readman has had a varied career, from her 20’s as a bass player in the UK indie band “the auteurs”, to retraining in photography and working for top UK magazine companies. In her 40’s she retrained as a graphic designer and started a married life.

Her life completely changed one day when her 5 year marriage came to a sudden end, her husband announced he was having an affair and no longer wanted their 2 adopted children; they were meeting the next day.

Alice suffered from acute stress and alongside a spiritual awakening and mental breakdown. She was eventually sectioned in an NHS hospital for 28 days. This marked the beginning of her new life.

She has recently published her book, I Am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough, telling her own deeply personal story of transformation and growth. She wrote the book as writing and journaling had been a tool that had supported her through her dark night of the soul.  She came across so many women who had gone through similar experiences and felt her story could help others feel less alone, provide support and connection through her story.

In 2017 after traveling for a few months she visited Bali and she has been living there since. She retrained in sound healing, voice work, breath work and has learned to play the harmonium.

Alice believes connection and creativity are key factors in finding a new more authentic life. She was inspired to create a range of jewellery called I am Alice Jewels and plans to create retreats and workshops in Bali. She loves to support others in telling their stories in her new podcast I Am Alice and has been mentoring others to share their stories.

When we share our stories, it gives permission for others to share theirs.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

Current Reality:

Waking up surrounded by nature, contemplating the day ahead, possibly a swim in the pool. Focused on projects, including a recent book release and engaging in sound healing.

Previous Routine in the UK:

Structured, stress-filled mornings, struggling to get out of bed, especially in the absence of sunshine. A marked contrast to the current serene and purposeful start to the day.

Dark Night of the Soul:

Alice's profound life shift began with the revelation that her husband, after a two-year adoption process, didn't want the children. This betrayal triggered a dark night of the soul, sending Alice into a deep crisis.

Navigating Chaos and the Dark Night:

Missed signs and gentle knocks led to a bombshell revelation about her husband's affair and rejection of the adopted children. Facing an identity crisis and grappling with intense physical and emotional experiences, Alice found herself navigating uncharted territories.

Hospitalization and Transformative Insights:

Sectioned in an NHS hospital for 28 days, Alice initially faced confusion and distress. Despite a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder, she stopped taking prescribed drugs and observed, journaled, and interacted with others in the facility. Insights emerged, challenging preconceptions about mental health institutions.

Profound Learnings and Survival:

Despite the challenges, Alice's determination to live and newfound insights became pillars of her survival.

The Unraveling and Rebuilding:

The dark night of the soul unraveled Alice's life, but it marked the beginning of her transformation. The chaos forced her to tap into multi-dimensional aspects of herself, leading to profound shifts in perspective and understanding.

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