Discovering The Voice Within...

Sounds scary doesn't it, discovering the voice within?  There have been various ways in the past few years I have been working with my voice. Breathwork is a wonderful way to connect deeply with the breath and release any stuck emotions held in the physical or mental body.

Using the breath and being relaxed is the key to enjoying singing, and when we sing at Kirtan the focus is on the breath and the vibration of sound coming out of the body and singing through the heart, it's not about ego and sounding good, it's about deep connection within yourself.  

I have tried Voice activation workshops with Daniel Coates (AKA @suntaramusic  - and with @karina.kalilah ( and @Yinlingalchemy.  I loved all of them, so uplifting and each one encouraged me to play a bit more with my voice. 

Discovering the real you, the essence within you, is calling to be heard and expressed. We are all energy and vibration, now is the time to shine and be you.

I also tried some overtone singing with a Mongolian singer at Paradiso in Ubud and the sound vibration was so powerful I wanted to experience and try overtone singing myself. 

More recently I have started to play the harmonium and I have had two lessons with @LeoCaputti I am now singing mantra everyday with my harmonium, it's not only relaxing and enjoyable, it's become my meditation and time of peaceful connection.

I also had the help of a Bio-Resonance device to send frequencies to my bioenergetic field to support my learning and it works because only after two lessons I was able to play 10 songs, with a bit of practice. If you would like to know about the device, fell free to get in touch.

We is everywhere we are surrounded plants, trees and we are all made up of energy walking around the planet feeling and touching the energy of others. 

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