Do you have a story to tell?

Do you have a story to tell?

 When we share we help others share too.

We all have life experiences and by sharing them with others, we give the other permission to speak their truth. Why should we speak out truth?

1. It helps us heal ourselves and others.

2. It gives permission and validation for our own personal experiences.

3. It helps others in ways we will never know.

4. It touches people’s hearts and souls.

5. It gives us back our personal power to be their true authentic self. It helps others do the same. When we hold secrets, we create shame and illness in our bodies, mind and soul.

When we can share our story from the right place, our own personal truth we help to heal humanity. Sharing my own personal story in I Am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough. It took me years to have the courage to share my story.

Listen to my First Free Chapter of my book

Read my personal story of transformation and change.

I wrote the first draft for myself to help me assimilate the ridiculousness of my life. As the years went on and I met many other people who shared their own story, and many of the stories had similarities to my story, but they were their personal secrets. They told me in confidence as I did too, we didn’t want to be judged by our past experiences. We wanted to create a new life of creativity and passion for life.

After a while I decided my story had to be told. I had to let go of the judgements of others, and myself and share my personal story. It happened back in 2014 so I felt it was further enough away in time and space. I had begun a whole new life living in Bali and finding new ways of expressing my creativity.

So if you feel you would like some support on the way to creating your book, whether it’s a book of poems, a true life story. I am ready to mentor you along the way. My background is in graphic design, magazine publishing, photography, and music, especially sound therapy so I bring a mixture of life experiences to help you create your book.

Get in touch for a quick call and see if I can support you on your path.  You can book an intro call with me.

 I am Alice podcast with alice readman your host and author of I Am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough

Listen to my  I AM Alice Podcast where I share the stories of others and how they came through their life changing experiences and like me found a New Life. 

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