Ganesha the Elephant God

We are in a huge time of change, how can we support ourselves more?

Try singing mantra.

What is a mantra and why? It’s an ancient powerful mechanism usually using ancient Sanskrit words that can soothe and support us mentally and physically through these times.

Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha is one of the Ganesha mantras. Choice a mantra that resonates with you, or say in English  "I am always protected, I trust in life". 

Ganesha is the Elephant god a symbol of overcoming obstacles in our lives and creating protection 

Using Sanskrit is far more powerful than you can imagine. For me,  singing mantra uplifts and brings a sense of harmony and peace to my body, mind and soul. 

Remember to always stay connected to your heart and take a few breaths to connect to your heart and send love to yourself and everyone you meet.

Accepting that there is always going to be change in our lives, practice acceptance and you will be able flow more with ease and grace. Singing mantra can be your support, try it and see!

Practice living in the hope, that all will be well

With Love and Blessings 


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