I Am Alice Jewels

I am Alice Jewels - New Beginnings!

I am Alice Jewels, Illuminate the joy within you, Jewellery to uplift the soul, silver jewellery, Bali, Indonesia

Recently I decided I would rebrand my jewellery. I have been designing Mala Necklaces and making silver bracelets talismans for some time here in Bali. I felt inspired to rebrand to I am Alice Jewels, Illuminate more joy in my life.

The idea came to me as the jewellery I make has a direct link to the book I am Alice.  I love jewellery and using a Mala necklace has been so supportive to me, a constant reminder to say in centred and live in the present moment.  Mantra singing has become part of my life, and it's forever present in my life, I sing mantra all the time, out loud with my harmonium or in my mind, when I am outside. I love to sing as I drive around the streets of Ubud on my motorbike.  

Singing is such a powerful tool, as the vibrations go throughout your whole body and bring peace and harmony to every living cell. I always feel my best when I have taken some time to sing and connect with my inner self. 

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