I Believe in Frequencies

I Believe in Frequencies 

After five years of diving deeply into sound therapy, experiencing many Sound Bath sessions and learning about sound myself. I have been drawn to learn auto sound therapy and gathered many instruments,  firstly I was drawn to getting and playing the Gong. I then took a course in Tibetan & Crystal Singing bowls and I am now learning to play the harmonium. It has been interesting to see how I have realised and returned to the importance of sound and frequency in my life. Years ago I was in a band playing music and as it happened by shear accident I never really thought it was my calling in life to continue music but I have recently realised how much joy and passion I have for learning. It's something I need to keep on exploring. Alongside this I have worked with the breath, through voice activations and various different types of Breathwork sessions.


Everything has a frequency, vibration and energy - it's all about tapping into these frequencies & working with them 

Everything has a frequency, people have a frequency, you can often feel the energy from a friend when you meet them and they start telling your about their day, and how life is rolling with them. It's either up or down or a mixture of both - it's all frequency. Sometimes you avoid people as their current frequency just doesn't gel with yours, and you are left feeling drained and exhausted after spending time with them. On the other hand some people fill you great positive energy and you love spending time with them as they uplift you both feel even better for sharing time together.

Plants, trees, & animals have a frequency, they give off energy and energy is a frequency. Like the unconditional love you feel for your pets.

I know when I am off balance, I feel a low energy/frequency and I feel more affected and sensitive to the people around me. The stresses and strains of our lives, lowers our vibration, and the people we surround ourselves with. Our environment we live and work in really effects how we feel. Sometimes we can be unaware of this, and so cleansing your space regularly with incense and sage can help. Go around your room and set an intention for clearing the space and bring back your space into harmony. 

What can change your frequency? 

  • Meditation 
  • Singing Mantra
  • Connecting to the breath 
  • A walk by the sea, or sitting,  & observing the sea.
  • A walk in nature, walking barefoot on the earth.
  • Connecting to the Breath (Breathwork) 
  • Closing your eyes and daydreaming
  • Doing something that takes you into another reality/state of flow like playing a musical instrument
  • Getting in to the physical body, dancing, shaking the body and feeling what comes up.

Being in the present moment and focusing on what you are doing mindfully, brings you to the present moment and that is the most powerful moment we have. Being present to the moment, as being in the present moment we can make changes for all our future moments.

Making a list of what you can do to get into the present moment...

My Top Five are:

1. Playing harmonium and singing mantra

2. Going for a swim in the sea and connecting with the vibrations of the sea.

3. Sitting in silence and observing, listening to the sounds around me.  Focusing on my breath, and taking deep belly breaths.

4. Using my frequency device to rebalance my energy and harmonise my energy field. 

5. Listening to frequency music or music that makes me want to sing and dance.

If you are interested in learning more about frequency, get in touch.   I would love to share my experiences with you. 





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