It is never too late to learn something new...

Recently I found myself having my first ever harmonium lesson with @leocaputti. I had dreamed of learning for sometime and then just like magic, a harmonium came into my possession so there was no backing out, I was going to finally learn. 

I have been blown away how quickly I was able to learn and play songs on my own. It has been so much fun, and I have my wonderful teacher to thank for that. 

What was my secret?

I did have a trick up my sleeve. I was using a small bio-resonance device to support my learning and concentration. It sends frequencies to your body to enhance and re-balance your body. 

Just after one session I was playing songs, after a second lesson I was away happily enjoying the energy and vibration of singing and playing songs. 

Find the creative self within you and if you need any extra support, I can send you some frequencies just ask. 

Let's all connect with our deeper creative selves that lie within us all. 



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