It's all about Frequency

It's all about the Healy 

The Healy device in action

Why Frequency,  Why Now?

Back in June 2020 I came across a frequency device, a friend in Bali had one, she was saying some amazing things about it and I was intrigued. I had the experience of having sound therapy whilst in Bali and I knew how the frequencies of sound could be very healing and uplifting to my mind, relax my body, and releasing built up stress. 

How does Healy work?

Healy gives your body particular frequencies to create balance, the mind, body and spirit. It can help to release stuck pain and emotions and bring the body back into harmony and balance. 

I had struggled with some chronic and emotional pain over the last few years and wanted to try it.  So I ordered one and within two weeks it had arrived.  A small plastic device, with an amazing quantum sensor that measures your energy field and sends frequencies to your body, to rebalance the bioenergetic field. Life got a lot easier, I was in the first lockdown in the UK from March 2020 and this gave me additional support to my day and help my mind, body and spirit.

My TMJ - went in 20 minutes one morning. Usually it's painful for a few hours and my face bloats out, causing pain in my jaw.

What is the Healy? A micro-current device that sends frequencies to the body.

If you want to know more have a look at the manual or brochure or watch this video. Send me a message and I am happy to answer any questions you have.

You can contact me through here

What is a scan you ask? The Bio resonance device takes a reading of your vibrational field and then sends the right frequency programs to your body. It could be Pain, Chakras, the Meridians, look at the program list here. 

Here's a brochure for you to check out the Healy programs.





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