Your voice is the missing key to your life

Find your voice International women's day - Alice Readman @healbyfrequency @divorcegoddess
I have been exploring sound for the last 4 years. Experiencing a variety of Sound therapy sessions, learning to play the gong, Crystal bowls, Tibetan Bowls and working on activating my voice. More recently I have been learning to play the harmonium, as I have always loved singing mantra and there are so many healing qualities to singing them and using your own voice to empower ourselves.

"Finding your own voice is really key to creating your best life possible"

Even if you don’t like your voice, or don’t feel confident singing or making sounds with it, it’s vital in our lives to be empowered. I have found singing can really raise my confidence, vibration and connection with my physical body. Besides it’s brings me lots of joy and harmony into my life.
By singing mantra you can activate your own healing on a mental and physical level. It’s fun and can connect with parts of you, you may have forgotten about. As children we love to sing and play with our voices and be our natural creative selves, as we get older we become more self conscious and can shy away from this wonderful creative expression. I was interviewed for International Women's Day and I spoke about the importance of finding your own voice. 
I work with a frequency bio resonance device which can assist with learning, concentration, and in all areas of our mental and physical health and well being.
I am happy to give a Free frequency scan and see in which areas of your life you could do with a boost or rebalance. Contact me here 
I do the scans remotely and I have had lots of wonderful feedback from people who have experienced this with me.Get in touch if you are interested to know more.

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