What a surprise I Am Alice is Number #1 on Amazon books

I am Alice

Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough

To my surprise my book I am Alice,  Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough  is number #1, in 5 categories on Amazon.

#1 Biographies & Memoirs of Women

#1 Women’s Personal Spiritual growth 

#1 Inspirational Personal Testimonies 

#1 Survival Biographies and memoirs

#1 Personal Transformation and Spirituality 


This is what people are saying about the book I am Alice:

Everyone should read this candid and thought provoking account of three very real and personal experiences that actually happened to one person.

Each of these individual events would be challenging for anyone, but when combined are the stuff of nightmares. Alice takes us through her thoughts, actions and reactions to unexpected life changing situations that we all think will never happen to us, prompting the reader to ask 'what would I do if any of this happened to me?'

Laura Kennedy

I am flabbergasted and gobsmacked that the human spirit can survive such personal trauma and then go on to flourish and thrive - as Alice has done.For anyone who has had any experience of trauma, be it first hand or second hand, her story is a shining beacon of survival, resilience and the art of creating a new and vibrant future. A memoir like no other. A ‘must read’ for all! 


The Story

An inspiring memoir meets adventure novel about Alice Readman, whose world crumbles and life takes an unexpected turn when she decides to embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure!

Driven by a need to find the truth and recover from the pain of losing her family, she unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, including a new life in Bali.

Follow her journey of transformation as she overcomes adversity, finds new purpose, and rediscovers the joys of living in this captivating tale of resilience and hope.

Order your copy now only £2.99 on an ebook and join Alice's adventure, healing process, and journey to self-discovery in this raw all-too-real true life story!

You can  listen to Alice reads the first chapter of the book for free visit: www.Iamalicebook.com


Now on sale on Amazon. 


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