I am Alice - Free First Chapter on audio

I am Alice - Free First Chapter on audio

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You can listen to the first chapter of my book I am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough.

Listen to the first chapter of the book  on Bandcamp for FREE

I Am Alice is a memoir that tells the story of Alice’s spiritual awakening and mental breakdown, with both events occurring concurrently. This radical transformation takes place when her life changes in an instant. Nothing could have prepared Alice for the domino effects that ensued after her world was irreversibly altered one fateful morning.

Two shocking events take Alice on a new journey with a whole new set of twists and turns. During the day she comforts her mother and siblings, and at night she is lost in a parallel universe, suffering from physical and emotional pain.

In writing her very personal story, she hopes to remove the stigma of trauma in people’s lives. She hopes that others will reach out, ask for help and find the right support.

Alice believes we are all going through a deep transformation, and she hopes by sharing her story, the frequency of her words will inspire and support others through change.

“Trauma is a gift that takes us all on a path of rediscovery and connects us with our divine blueprint, we came to earth to experience” Alice

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Here are some reviews:

"We all hear the phrase ” I couldn't put the book down”; this is one of those. Anna Liisa, Finland

“Anybody’s life can change in an instant... I am Alice is a true experience of one woman's journey through multiple challenges through the dark moments of relationship abuse and mental breakdown to creating a new vibrant life, hundreds of times more abundant and fun than she could ever have imagined.
Ursula, Ireland

Wow. I devoured this book in one week-end.
Very impressive, for sure all these adventures had to be shared. An unbelievable & intense ride, with a lot of wisdom. Highly recommended & supporting.
Amelie Macon, France


What an inspiring true story that we all can learn something from.
I am Alice is a true story that tells us we can stand up again and give ourselves a chance to start over, despite the adversities and traumas we encounter in life. To me, one of the most important key takeaways was how much we need our connections with other people and how vital this sense of connection is for us to hold onto life when frightening situations arise.

We all need connection and to feel safe among other people in order to thrive. Thank you, Alice, for reminding us of this truth. Solen Yucel, Istanbul, Turkey

A very insightful read that I’m sure many people can relate to about events in their life that they are not comfortable speaking about openly.

Alice puts all her cards on the table and describes her journey through very difficult and trying times with grace, and dignity. She makes what may seem an unrealistic story and series of events very realistic. David, Australia