Heart My Heart Mala

Heal My Heart Mala

Heal My Heart Mala

I received my first Mala from my teacher after completion of my 200 hour yoga teacher training, it was a gift to celebrate completing the course. It came in a cute little Om bag and to be honest, it’s pretty much stayed there since then as it isn’t something I really would wear. 

Six months later I met the incredible creative Alice a creator of some of the most beautiful Mala‘s I have seen!  I was lucky enough to be gifted a Mala and my very own Mantra by Alice and have been wearing it ever since. 

My Mala is for healing hearts, and I certainly needed that after the last few years. Wearing the Mala feels special to me as it was specifically selected for me without Alice knowing my back story. I find it comforting to wear, it gives my warmth and courage whilst traveling as a single female throughout Asia and I find myself holding it when I feel a little lost or indecisive about the direction of my journey.

When I put my intentions out to the universe I find myself clasping it in both hands as if they were rosary beads, even though I am not religious. I love my Mala beads, and the comfort they bring and couldn’t imagine traveling without them. 

Namaste 🙏 xx

Laura runs Yoga Retreats