I Am Alice Online Course & One-to-One Sessions

I Am Alice Online Course & One to One Sessions 


I want to support you going through change, after having a life changing experience back in 2014, I learnt so much in navigating change and now is the time to share this with you.


Come on a trip  and let me take you on a journey of self discovery to find the power, and joy within you.

Each week we go through one of my 10 keys to creating the New Life You. We are all going through transformation, whether it's in our personal life or collectively. Change is all we have, nothing stays the same. So let's embrace change and make the most of life, where we can be creative, connected and find the peace within.

1. Connection - is key to life, connection with yourself and others.

How do we find real connection?

2. Creativity - Exploring your own Creativity and discovering your true gifts within.

3. Clarity - Getting Clear on the way forward. You are you? What are your burning desires in life?

4. Courage - building courage to move into your new ways of living.

5. Confidence - Developing confidence and moving towards a New Beginning, and taking ACTION towards your new life.

6. Compassion for yourself, on your path of self-discovery.

7. Curiosity - keep staying curious in life. 

8. Cultivation  - keep up the good work. Keep changing and keep trying new things. 

9. Community  - Find your tribe? How? 

10. Ceremony  - A simple prayer for support. 

All the steps are accompanied by breathwork sessions, guided meditations, and sound journeys to find your true mission in life and to start acting on those messages. Trusting you are on your way and being connected to the Divine.