Mount Agung Collection

Mount Agung Collection

Mala Mantra Maker

Why Lava stones?

I decided to use lava stones in my collection as I wanted to capture the powerful energy of volcanic stones and the spiritual significance of Mount Agung.

The beads are made from volcanic rock from deep within the earth’s core,  this brings the energy of the earth and centuries-old lava.  The combination of using the lava stone, a powerful energy from deep within mother earth alongside the beauty of colourful semi-precious stones. 

A Mala can be used in various ways:

Firstly, as a necklace to enjoy the uplifting powerful energy of the lava stones and beauty of the semi-precious stones.

You don’t need to believe in the energy of the stones or anything, you can just enjoy wearing a beautiful Mala necklace.

Secondly, you can use it as a tool for meditation and a reminder to practice moments of relaxation and conscious breathing throughout the day, helping you to reduce your stress levels. It can remind you to stay more in the now moment, therefore helping you to be a calmer and more relaxed person. 

You can set a specific intention with your Mala that you wish to work on. eg. the Love Me Mala, can remind you to be kind to yourself with your self-talk and do more things to nourish yourself.

Thirdly, as a tool to repeat a mantra and connect further with your inner spiritual self by using a Mala necklace. Using the 108 beads to repeat a mantra of your choice. 

Each Mala focuses on a different effect on your life and focuses on a colour based on the chakra system and some stones cover several chakras, (chakras are energy centres in the body).

The Mount Agung Mala Collection:

Love Me Mala, Pink/Rose Quartz, (Heart)

Abundant Me Mala, Yellow/Citrine,
(Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus)

Creative Me Mala, Orange/Jasper, (Sacral)

Ground Me Mala Black/Onyx or Silver/Hematite, (Root)

Lucky Me Mala Green/Aventurine, (Heart)

Heal My Heart Mala Green/Jade or Green Turquoise, (Heart)

Angel Mala Pale Blue /Angelite (Throat, Third Eye, Crown)

Divine Mala Purple/Amethyst (Crown)

Confident Me Mala Brown/Gold Obsidian (Solar Plexus)

Calm & Centre Me Mala Brown/Tiger's Eye (Root)

Express Myself Mala  Blue/Lapiz Lazuli, Chalcedony or Aquamarine. (Throat)

Balance Me Mala - Rainbow Mala - a mixture of semi-precious stones. (Multiple chakras/the main 7 chakras)

The uplifting colours and use of healing Lava stones is a perfect combination and a reminder to go within. Creating a regular practice for 10-15 minutes a day can make a big difference in our lives when it comes to the stresses and strains of life.

Whether we need to help heal our heart from loss, or heartbreak, improve our self-esteem, work on expressing ourselves more clearly to others, creating more abundance in our lives, or creating a positive intention to be lucky or to ground ourselves. There is a Mala for all these intentions and you can, of course, personalise your intention with your Mala.

If you would like me to choose a Mantra for you please