Darkness into Light Mala Collection

Darkness into Light Mala Collection

This collection was inspired by hand-painted talismans made in India. I loved travelling in India a few years ago and I really hope to visit again. There is something quite magical about India a country of contrasts.

Just like in life, we strive for the light and often we spend times in the dark. These Mala necklaces are a reminder that it's the beauty found in contrast that enriches our lives.  Move with ease and grace through the darkness as the light is always shining, it's just a matter of allowing it to shine through in our lives. 

Mantra has been such an inspiration to me and it has carried me through many nights and given me so much strength. There are five designs so far, Ganesha, Lotus Flower, Om Symbol and Buddha, each design comes with a Mantra.

The joy of singing and listening to Mantra is an experience that keeps on growing for me. Recently I experienced live the Mantra Heart songs of Kevin James Carroll, you can listen to some of his songs here

The song really expresses how we travel through the darkness into the light and the universality of our experiences can connect us all. 

Blessings and love



The hand-painted talismans come in the following designs:





Darkness into Light Mala Collection

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