Decision, decisions in life, which direction to go in?

Imagine all the decisions you make in your life are the right and perfect one’s for you.


Really sink in with this idea, could it possibly be true, I hear you say?

What decision do you have to make?  Sit quietly and rest your mind, and body. Take some deep belly breaths and really relax into your space, and be present in the moment. Observing nature is a really good way to connect and go inwards and slow down the mind. 

Really sink into the body and the feeling you get when everything you do and every decision you make is right for you. How good would that feel. 

I love 💓 this concept it would certainly take a lot of stress off ourselves.  Having a deeper sense of knowing what the best course of action at any given moment. Try and accept you have cultivated this skill. Make it a choice, that you know what is best, and check in with your body, when you have a big decision to make, how does it make you feel, enthusiastic, happy or what feeling comes up for you? There, in lies your answer.

I would love to know what you think/feel about this?

Finding your own  deep sense of YES ... and a deep NO - what a joy and wonderful tool? How much more confident would you feel. it's empowering and fills me with a sense of freedom. 

How do you tune into what are the right decisions for you?

Do you meditate and tune into your inner feelings ? 🧘‍♀️

 Do you write a list of options? And pull them out of a hat?  Or write a list of options and tune into the one that feels right for you ?

Do you do the yes/ no and Question ? 

Or do you listen to your gut reaction and tune into your hearts desires?

Or do you just trust that all the decisions you make are ultimately the right ones for you at the time you make them and surrender to the outcome? 

I would love know your thoughts on this 🙏🧘‍♀️

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