A note to self. Are you putting yourself first?

Now this might sound selfish, but if we all put ourselves first, maybe we would be in a better position to help ourselves in moments of crisis and in turn find better ways of supporting ourselves and therefore others too. In my book I am Alice, Break up, Breakdown, Breakthrough. I had a sudden crisis in my life back in 2014 and I can remember not thinking of myself, but considering everyone around me how it was affecting them. You can download my ebook:  I am Alice for a reduced price of £4.99 here SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST? 1. Being in touch with your emotions, taking moments out of your day, and being present. 2. Having boundaries about what you would like to do, and how? 3. Being more self-reliant and building trust within yourself. 6. Feeling more whole in yourself, knowing in truth, we have all the answers and it's just a matter of asking, listening and being present. 4. Doing more of what you love in your life, even in small ways. Whether it’s a long bath or a walk in nature.. find some simple ways that bring you joy! 5. Making your own choices, not always going along with what others want or expect of you? Stop the people pleasing, please yourself. You can start taking time out for yourself with my offering of a FREE Gentle Breathwork Meditation called The Magic Tree Meditation where you can connect to nature and reset your body, mind and soul. You can take your inner child on a journey through nature and connect with a tree. You can download here for FREE: on this link below. https://iamalicesounds.bandcamp.com/track/magic-tree-breathwork-meditation It’s 14 minutes long and connects you with a tree in nature, and helps you to relax the body, mind and soul and go deeply within yourself. Please make sure you are relaxed sitting or lying down without any distractions. There is one short breath hold in the meditation, it’s a very gentle Breathwork meditation. Please DO NOT LISTEN to when driving, please make sure you take time out to rest, and if you feel drowsy after listening, please tap the top of your head to come back into your body, and stamp your feet, or if able take a walk barefoot in nature. Thank you for listening I hope you enjoy the meditation, it was inspired by the image of the view of my trees where I live in Bali. Love and Blessings Alice

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