Feet Firmly on the Ground

Feet firmly on the Ground 

Ground Me Mala

Feet firmly on the ground

Feet firmly on the ground ready for wherever my new life takes me. At the moment it’s been about travelling and making Mala necklaces. Finding balance in your life can be a tricky one. Healing the past and keeping in the present is a lifetime's work in progress.

"Just take one day at a time"

Taking one day at a time has been my motto for some years now. This was passed down to me by my Mum, when I was growing up, she would say just take one day at a time. I guess she was trying to teach us the wisdom of just enjoying each day and thereby teaching us to live the present moment more. (Okay it's taken until now to grasp it and I am still working on it). She often take us on spontaneous trips to the beach or new places we hadn't been before. She would throw us all in the back of her Blue VW beetle and off we would go… destination and experience unknown.  Tomorrow has not yet come and yesterday has gone, just enjoy today.

Connect to Nature

Walking in nature is one way of staying grounded and in the present moment, walking barefoot gives you a direct connection with the earth.  In Bali, you are always taking your shoes off, so I guess here there is a heightened sense of connection with the earth by being barefoot.

I started making Mala's to help me stay in the present more and they are a great reminder to create a deeper connection with myself. I feel my Malas give me strength when times get hard and I feel alone. The lava stones, keep me grounded and protected and the semi-precious stones, sparkle and remind me of my intentions to be positive and to spread a bit of kindness in my daily life, not just to others but to myself.

Testimonial - Ground Me Mala 

“Feeling supported the lightweight and texture of the lava stones. They are calming to touch and I feel more spiritually grounded and protected. My Mala is a reminder to stay connected and feel blessed.”

Anna- Liisa

Ground Me Mala

Ground Me Mala comes in Black Onyx as in the photograph shown or in Hematite 

A simple stylish Unisex design made with lava stones.

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Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. And you can find gratitude in meditation.

Deepak Chopra


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