How Astrology can support us in our lives - On I Am Alice Podcast

This week I talk to Donna Grace about Astrology and how it can support us in our lives, we delve into the history and a basic understanding. 

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Introducing Donna Grace


Donna has been involved in the health and wellbeing industry for the past 24 years as an entrepreneur, massage therapist, yoga teacher and astrologer.

She is passionate about living a fulfilling life and helping others to do the same by sharing my wisdom and practical knowledge that I have acquired over time.  

She graduated as a remedial massage therapist in 2000 and launched Adelaide Mobile Massage in the same year.  She managed a team of 6 therapists as well as dealing with clients, setting up systems and processes to ensure that the business ran smoothly.  After 6 years She sold her Adelaide Mobile Massage for 6 figures and expanded into Wellbeing2u where I provided the same service to all the capital cities in Australia.  During this time I had the privilege of working with high profile sporting teams such as the West Indies Cricket Team, The Australian Ice Hockey Team and some famous celebrities including Hugh Jackman and Pearce Brosnan. 

 Donna Grace, Astrology, Spiritual Coach, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Part of her remedial massage training included the study of auricular therapy (ear reflexology) which is not commonly offered as a healing modality in western countries.  It is non-invasive and I use flower essence therapy to help people to overcome emotional healing and recover from past traumas.  Complimentary to my massage qualification I have also completed alternative healing modalities including DNA and Theta healing, Reconnective healing and Reiki.   

She first became interested in astrology when I was just 19 and then I studied for 6 months with Peter Whitewood, an astrologer in Adelaide where she learnt the fundamentals and since then has done many short courses with various astrologers around the world.  Through her own personal experience and understanding astrology and how we are influenced by the cosmos she is able to help others better understand themselves and why they may be experiencing certain situations in their life.   


In 2015 she completed my first 200 yoga teacher training in Byron Bay, Australia and since 2017 She has been living between Australia, Bali and India.  Practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching for the past 9 years,  She completed 2 x 200-hour teacher trainings,  and a 10-day training with Mark Whitwell from Heart of Yoga in Mysore, India in 2019, where the focus was yoga philosophy as taught by Sri T. Krishnamacharya (also known as the teacher of teachers in India).

Whilst she was in India she had the privilege of working with an Indian Mystic and Alchemist, Srinandiji and he introduced her to a Sadhana practice, Swatantra which means personal freedom.  This is a powerful and transformative 1 hour practice combining asana and pranayama and he has given me permission to share this with others to support him in his vision to help as many people as possible to reach their own personal freedom.  She is really enjoying sharing this with others, as it is unique, simple, powerful and deeply transformative when practised regularly.

Donna has had a daily practice of yoga and meditation for the past 8 years and she enjoys bringing together her understanding of how the body works when practising asanas and sharing how the philosophy of yoga can enhance both your yoga practice and your daily life.   

Donna is passionate about living a full life and being of service to others as I believe my spiritual purpose is to inspire and help others to open their hearts and minds to true divine love so that they too can live a life of purpose filled with joy, love, abundance, peace and harmony.






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