The Power of Mantras: A Guide for Beginners with Chris Prawita

I wanted to start a Podcast about a year ago, and finally it's here. I am excited to have conversations about Creativity, Connection and finding Clarity in our lives, when we are going through transformation and change... The first guest, on I am Alice Podcast I talk to Chris Prawita about the Power of Mantra, from the beautiful Askara Sound Temple in Ubud, Bali. Chris studied mantra in India and it became her daily practice and she noticed in time how chanting was slowly changing her life. We discuss the power of mantra and how it can help us to become our true authentic self, being in our true nature, and essence. Mantra can bring us clarity and balance in our lives and it has given Chris the confidence to sing and follow her dream of moving to Bali and creating Askara Sound Temple. Chris runs sessions and practices iRest Yoga Nidra, Vedic Chanting, and Sound Journeys at Askara Sound Temple in Ubud. Chris Prawita is a sound weaver who moved from Jakarta to Ubud in 2020. She followed her dream up create a sound temple in ubud and called it Askara. The Temple has amazing energy and Chris creates sound journeys alongside Didi Ravi, where they together they weave their voices, gong, bowls, drums, flute, didgeridoo, and a multitude of instruments to synergise the energy and create an amazing unique experience. Contact: instagram to book a session at Askara Sound Temple or find out about the courses they run in Ubud Instagram: @blissyogaogram for details of sound sessions. @askarasoundtemple You can view on YouTube. You can listen on this Link on Podbean.

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