Celebrating International Women's Day with Julia Cartwright on I Am Alice Podcast

To celebrate International Women's Day, I spoke to Julia Cartwright and how to navigate change, one of my favourite subjects, particularly at this time when the world is in such a flux, coming into balance is key to moving forward in our lives. 

Julia talks about the 10 valuable virtues in a volatile world – how to navigate chaos and uncertainty.

She believes we need to start to embody to navigate the chaos and uncertainly that lies ahead of us all in 2024.

Julia Cartwright (BSc, MSc Dip VEM)

Julia Cartwright, Soul Coach, Shaman and Research Psychologist, on I Am Podcast, with Alice Readman

Warrior for the Human Spirit Leadership Graduate

Introducing Julia Cartwright

Born on the Somerset Levels into a family of healers, cultivators, business owners and good community folk, I studied Estate Management and Land Law at University with the notion of having a small holding as per my ancestors. It took me forty years to achieve this, and along the path I worked in finance, retrained as an academic psychologist in Oxford, ran a coaching company, had two children and grew my career. In 2011 after writing a book for BMJ Wiley Blackwell and chairing an independent enquiry in the UK health system, I had a call to pilgrimage and walked from the Pyrenees in France to Santiago in Spain. I shed skins and reclaimed a lost self, questioned my life purpose and set a new compass for the third arc of my life. I transitioned from the Field Marshall archetype to the artistic adventurer. I lost my marriage and my home. Changed my name and my country. I transitioned and transformed.

I weave all of these experiences into supporting individuals and communities to make maps and blueprints for living together holistically, healthily and in harmony with the earth and each other. I’ve set up a healing retreat at my home in France, worked for the Centre for Human Ecology in Glasgow, and now consult with global organisations as a way of connecting with other likeminded visionaries and change makers during this paradigm shift.

I am resident in both Portugal and the UK, and can offer on-line or in person sessions to help individuals and groups develop the resilience tools to navigate these times of uncertainty. I am currently writing a manual as a helpful toolkit, titled:

10 valuable virtues in a volatile world – how to navigate chaos and uncertainty.

If my work resonates with you I can be contacted on:


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