New Beginnings

New Beginnings 

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A few years ago I started a completely new life. It first started with the idea to move to a new county, and then ended up being a new country or countries to live in.

I had to completely begin my life over again, and start from scratch. What I now realise, it’s not one new beginning it’s a continuous period of new beginnings. So keep on beginning again and again; eventually you will be at a point where you can stick there for a while. Just when you think you have it sorted, you often need to begin again, or you are shifted into another new episode in your life. We are always growing and changing.

One new beginning leads to another and all are linked by a single thread your life which creates your own story of life. One step leads to another and another and then a period of letting go and finding something new to do or be. Following what you feel will bring you more joy in your life. 

Letting go of outcomes, control and being in a state of allowing, is easier said than done, I know. Just going with the flow a bit more and seeing where life takes you. Relax and breathe, let go of all your personal fears from the past and the future. Your life can be full of constant surprises and in the end, do you really need to know what’s next? That’s what makes life an adventure, people come in and out of your life. Some stay a long time, some flip over quickly.  One thing for sure you are living and alive in every moment.

The new things in my life are Mala making, writing and gong playing.  Allowing the FEAR - or what some say the False Evidence Appearing Real and get on with creating the best life you can!

To new beginnings, to new moons and to a new life abroad.  Take me where I need to go?  

In the Course in Miracles they say to pose this question every day when you wake up: 

"Where would you have me go, what would you have me say and to whom?

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