Things that have changed my life in the last 5 years...

  1. After my divorce I went travelling to Nepal, India, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. This journey ended with me living in Bali, very much by accident. Although my life changed drastically back then and left me in a lot of shock,  it was certainly the best decision or accident that could happen in my life. 
  2. Discovering the joy of caring for animals, after spending most of my life scared of dogs. I have since enjoyed a lot of dog and cat sitting and made lots of lovely human friends too. 
  3. Discovering sound therapy and training in different areas, the gong, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and voice activations.
  4. I have used a mantra for many years. I recently surprised myself when I started to learn the harmonium, so I can sing along to them now, ( okay in the privacy of my home of course 😂) This was inspired by many energising and uplifting kirtan sessions in Ubud. Discovering the joy, peace and happiness that I found in singing mantra. 
  5. Of course life wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful people I have met along the way from all around the world, who I have created deep bonds with and have many wonderful memories. 
  6. Last year, on a very unplanned trip to the U.K. I discovered a bio resonance device which has been such a gift during that time to support me, but also in supporting others too.!I can send frequencies remotely to friends and family which I love. I am offering 3 free sessions to anyone who is interested in discovering more. DM me for info. 
  7. Lastly,  life took another unexpected turn this year when it brought me to the sea to live. I had no plans to move, but life has a plan for us all. Magic happens by the sea. Blessings and love to all. 


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