Vanessa Elston talks about Frequency


Meet Vanessa Elston, She's a healer from the UK. Listen to her story of Transformation after she woke up unable to move.  From working in the fashion industry, and interior design she became a reluctant healer.

Vanessa is all about frequency and how she keeps her frequency up. She talks about new Quantum Technology that's already out there for us all to experience.

Join me on the I Am Alice Podcast either on YouTube, Podbean, Spotify and other podcasting platforms.  You can watch on YouTube 

You can contact Vanessa directly through her Instagram: @Vanessa Elston

Find our more on her website. If you are interested in working with Vanessa you can join her on a 30 minute intro call and see if you are suited to work with each other. 

She's based in the UK, she works online internationally with clients.

Vanessa Elston Whats the Frequency Podcast

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