What is Sacred Death? Listen on I Am Alice Podcast

This week I get to chat to Catherine Shovlin about her book Sacred Death and how we can our approach towards death can be transformed and we are able to embrace life more!

Sacred Death by Catherine Shovlin, on I Am Alice Podcast

About Catherine 

Catherine has always had a hunger for discovery. Travelling to nearly 100 countries, working with big business, small business, community organizations, the arts sector and independently she loves to gather experiences from diverse sources to inform her world view. 

Over the last few years, once her three kids were safely through school, she has reinvented herself, studying healing and counselling to deepen her understanding in these areas. She finds much scope for cross-pollination between the different worlds she has been lucky enough to experience; from refugee camps to board rooms, kindergartens to mental health institutions, hospices to community centers. 

Nowadays she enjoys a semi-nomadic life adventure in Bali, Sydney and London with her partner Lawrence. As well as writing she works in the sustainability sector and as a death coach.

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Catherine's new book Sacred Death

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Catherine Shovlin, Sacred Death, I Am Alice podcast

Catherine invites you on a transformative journey that may challenge your perceptions of death, grief, and the profound essence of this sacred transition.

Improve your relationship with death to enhance your relationship with life.

With unwavering clarity and compassion, Catherine explores this taboo subject, offering wisdom and guidance for those seeking a deeper understanding of the issues and a better relationship with the concept of death – both their own and those losses they experience.

Through her direct and honest approach, based on real life experiences, Catherine invites readers to navigate the complexities of death with integrity and authenticity. With an open mind and heart, she shares a wide range of perspectives surrounding death, showing how deeply personal and individual this transition is.

Drawing on her own personal experiences as an End-of-Life Doula and energy healer, as well as the stories of others, Catherine hopes to resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

'Sacred Death' is not just a book, but an invitation to embrace the beauty, wisdom, and spiritual growth that can emerge from navigating the sacred journey of death and grief.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and a more meaningful relationship with death, let 'Sacred Death' be your compassionate guide. Catherine's observations, practical guidance, and uplifting message empower us to transcend our fears, to find deeper meaning and purpose in our lives.

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